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Ruud-Jan Kokke: “I originally designed ‘Fauteuil 21’ as a thanks for a dear friend. I wanted to make an archetypal object, unadorned, understandable, simple and transparent. An object with visible connections, perfect unity of material and construction as well as comfort. Without secrets, you are able to see how everything has been pieced together and made from simply one material, wood. I liked it to be purposeful and in way, gave the user a sense of time. You have to feel supported in this chair but also grasp a feeling of being aware of the moment you’re sit- ting. The awareness that comes from acknowledging that you are on thin transparent slats while also relaxing from the comfort the chair offers, is for me, something quite special, even exciting. Read, work, find joy in the passing time, or just fall asleep; this chair shares different moments with you.”

Weitere Informationen

  • DesignerRuud-Jan Kokke
  • HerstellungslandThe Netherlands
  • Farbenatur
  • MaterialienAsh wood and Oak frame
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