F_21, Lapis

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Artikelnummer F_21, Lapis
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To commemorate our launch, KOKKE House is proud to unveil a special limited edition of our iconic F_21 series, 'Lapis'. This exclusive collection consists of only 50 unique pieces, each numbered and signed personally by our esteemed designer, Ruud-Jan Kokke. As a mark of authenticity, every piece also comes with a certificate of authenticity. Don't miss out on the opportunity to own a piece of KOKKE House history!

Weitere Informationen

  • DesignerRuud-Jan Kokke
  • HerstellungslandThe Netherlands
  • Tiefe67 cm
  • Breite76.5 cm
  • Höhe79 cm
  • Farbedunkelblau
  • MaterialienAsh wood and Oak frame
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