om26 sidetable Right Grey

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Minimal side table in aluminium for workspace, residential or horeca spaces. om26 is designed with a shelf and a book (or bottle) storage area. Available in right or left version. Right version is to fit on your right side when seated. You'll have an easier access to the inside. Epoxy grey textured finish (RAL 9006). Also available in Black (RAL 9005) Can be customized with a laser logo and different RAL colors for project, with a minimum order of 10 identical units.

Weitere Informationen

  • DesignerOlivier Moravik
  • HerstellungslandPoland
  • Tiefe42 cm
  • Breite34 cm
  • Höhe50 cm
  • Farbegrau
  • Gewicht5 kg
  • MaterialienAluminium
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